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Grand rights exist in all musical works that are performed in a “dramatic” setting, which can be defined as having any of the following elements: acting, dance, mime, narration, costume, or scenery. The music may have been composed specifically for the purpose (for example, an opera), or existing works may be used in a dramatic setting (for example, to accompany a choreographed dance performance). 

Performances of such dramatico-musical works are not licensed by the Performing Right Society, PRSfM, and therefore need to be licensed direct by the publisher.

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If you are performing a dramatico-musical work (such as a musical play) in a school, church hall or village hall, you will require a licence to do so.

We are responsible for licensing public dramatic performances of the copyright works we represent and a licence is required and a fee is payable in all circumstances.

If you would like to perform a work that is published by Chester Music Ltd. on behalf of Golden Apple Productions, please click here for information regarding our fees and an application form.

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