Third Party Licensing

Thank you for your interest in our copyrighted material. Please see below information on the types of permissions we license and submit full details of your request using the correct form.

Please take time to read our FAQs ("Frequently Asked Questions") before submitting your request.

We will do our best to review your query as soon as possible, however please note that we require a minimum of 15 business days to process permission requests.

If your query has not been addressed or these forms do not apply to you, please email our Third Party Licensing Administrator at

Types Of Requests

Mixed Folio Request

A ‘mixed folio’ is a publication (in this case a songbook likely containing words and music) with an original selection of songs. This differs to a ‘matching’ folio, which ‘matches’ an existing or forthcoming CD, i.e. reflects the exact compilation on the CD.

For a licence to include a title in a mixed folio please fill out our form: Mixed Folio Request Form

Educational Publication Request

Context pages are required for all educational requests including lyric gap exercises. Permission fees for musical extracts are calculated according to page occupancy therefore full details such as total number of pages, pages of lyrics only and pages of music, as well as the collective space of extracts is required.

For a licence to include a title in an educational textbook please fill out our form: Educational Publication Request Form

Arrangement Request

When a song or a piece of music is required for specific instrumentation, yet a note-for-note transcription is considered too difficult, a new arrangement is created. This will include the key harmonies and melody, but in a simplified way to make it accessible to the musician.

New arrangement requests must be accompanied with a copy of the arrangement for reviewing purposes. Given approval, a Sibelius engraving (or alternative notation software file) is required as a condition of the licence, with the stipulation that we can use this arrangement to our own discretion.

To arrange a title for use in a folio, as a single sheet or for use in a performance please fill out our form: Arrangement Request Form

Lyric Only Request

Lyrics are protected under copyright and require licence permission. Lyrics in context will be needed for review along with an exact English translation should the use be in a foreign language. In some cases the original publisher will handle lyric uses direct, in which case we will inform you of this accordingly.

For a licence to include lyrics only in a publication, please fill out our form: Lyric Only Request Form

Magazine Request

Fees for magazine requests vary according to usage i.e. full song or bar use. Please provide full use in context.

For a licence to include a full title or extract in a magazine, please fill out our form: Magazine Request Form

Dissertation/Thesis Request

When printed music is used for research purposes/academic study an application is required however a fee may be waivered. Please provide full use in context.

If you would like to use printed music for this purpose, please fill out our form: Dissertation Request Form

Reprint Request

When a licence term has expired, a new licence is required for subsequent print runs of the said publication. This reprint publication must be identical in terms of compilation and publication title. Please provide the initial licence number.

For a reprint licence, please fill out our form: Reprint Request Form

Photocopy Request

A photocopy licence is required for all music in copyright. This includes educational purposes, although your fee may be reduced under certain circumstances.

If a work is available for sale i.e. a specific choral arrangement, total number of copies of the said work must be purchased. Photocopies are only permitted if this is a new unpublished arrangement of a choral work or if the title is out of print.

Photocopies for examination purposes will be allowed free of charge but are limited to one (1) copy only for the examinee as well as one (1) copy for the adjudicator. A licence application is still required and a permission letter issued. These copies must be destroyed after use.

For a photocopy licence, please fill out our form: Photocopy Request Form

Digital Licence Request

Representative of the publishers we administer, we are required to provide a secure means of delivering their music to the public. Therefore Music Sales will only consider digital requests if we are satisfied with the level of security of the website and format of arrangements.

For a digital licence request, please fill out our form: Digital Licence Request Form